What is Play Can Your Pet

The game can your pet allows you to dress, customize, feed, wash and play with your favorite yellow chick and help it to grow older and after such a treatment, you may can it. You can even name your favorite pet . You should enter your name or nickname in the field. That will be the name of your beloved pet. Then hit NEXT button and here you are. The game can be played with your mouse only so there is no need to use your keyboard. Anyway, can your pet is an awesome game for everyone who want to have fun and bring positive to their everyday life. The game has in-built 6 tools and 2 scales; the red and blue ones. They are for measuring the happiness of your chick until canning. The red scale controls the amount of food you give to your beloved pet and the blue one makes you focused on bathing. The game doesn’t have in-built instructions but an easy interface and some special hints make the game controls easy. The average time of each game is 5 minutes but it depends on you and your desire to can your pet as fast as possible

can your pet logo Hello everyone! Welcome to the number one site where you can play the best online flash game Can Your Pet for free. The first thing that comes to mind when you enter the site is its sophisticated design and nice art work created by Iving and Ransuz art. I’m pretty sure you will like soundtracks too. If you are interested who made them, just get to the finish line and the titles will show you the necessary information about anything that relates to the game. Our website enables you to play with a cute yellow chick for as long time as you want. In the bottom of the screenplay you can see 6 tools. Each of them has a special icon that makes it easy for you to orient on the screen. As focusing on the main site and navigation is very important our site offers you a settled appearance, a cool design with a main game that will become your favorite one soon. The first tool allows you to modify the head, eyes and body of our main hero. You can also customize its appearance with glasses or hair accessories. If you have no idea how to customize the chick, then hit RANDOM customization and click it constantly until you get the desired result. The second tool is for food supplies; you should hold it and then drag to the mouth of your pet. As you feed your yellow chick, keep watching on the red scale that indicates the happiness meter of your main hero or heroine. The next step is bathing with fresh cold water. After bathing is done, then it is high time for exercising your chick. The colors of the game make the gaming experience smoother and don’t cause eye pain. Hit the BALL icon and let your pet play with a ball for a healthier lifestyle. As every little detail is done, then the icon of a bicycle will become highlighted, and after clicking on it, the canning process of your chick will start and you will see the final, canned version of the pet you were treating in a very good way for a long time. The final step of a game is hilarious with funny catchy soundtracks and some brutal end. The game is humorous and the reviewers state ironically that the game CAN YOUR PET made them vegetarian. Play with us and have a good time!